Monday, January 24, 2011

I Melted.

I'm so glad I'm feeling better, otherwise I would have missed out on a busy weekend.

I convinced Devin that he needed to go to my cousin's wedding with me on Sat. It's always fun to get dressed up and go out, especially with my family. Gosh the kids & Devin looked so great. We had fun visiting with family and the wedding was so beautiful. They had the most amazing cake, I had to take a pic of it.

Isn't that something? I was so full from the meal, that I didn't save room to go to the dessert table, I wish I would have. Have you ever done that? Thought about something you "should have" eaten a day or two ago, or am I just that "chubby?" lol. The entire event was very classy, and I'm so glad we went.

Going to the wedding was great, but the highlight of the day for us didn't happen until we were back on Hwy 385 heading South, with Mr. Adyan Matthew in tow. Aydan is my sister Elizabeth's son. ( I call her E.G.) That lil' boy is something special. So sweet, happy & handsome. He reminds me so much of Ricky Devin when he was a baby. I'm actually privledged enough to see this blessing enter this world. My sister let me in the room with her when he was delivered via C-Section. Nah Nah Nee Boo Boo I met him 1st!

Aydan's smile can just melt your heart. This pic was taken after the 2nd time we tried to put him down for the night. There was too much going on for him to go to sleep. All the xtra attention, extra hugs, kisses, he just couldn't miss out on. He finally gave up and went to sleep after midnight, we wore him out. Surely his cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much :) I loved waking up the next morning and seeing all the baby things lying around. A baby sure does have a way of changing the dynamics of a house, and all of us loved that he was there.

My time with him was a cut a lil' short because I had some stuff that I needed to bake for later that day. So Devin & Lil' Ricky kept him company while I was busy in the kitchen. At one point I looked up, and Devin was holding & cooing him, and Ricky D was kneeling next to his dad, and rubbing Aydan on the back telling him he loved him. I melted. My baby boy was being so sweet & gentle to Aydan, and Devin's touch with babies is like no other.  Moments like that are few & far between in my house.

So EG, thanks for letting us bring him home with us. I love you :))


  1. You are very welcome! I love you too!!!

  2. Aw.....I just want to pinch his cheeks! LOVE LOVE!

  3. LL, we were staring at the pic of the cake earlier. I think it was stacked wrong!