Friday, January 21, 2011

No More Olivia's for me...EVER.

36 hours ago, I just knew I was dying. As I stood in front of the toilet, tears coming down my face, I closed my eyes and envisioned the flowers at my funeral. Beautiful orchids, roses, gorgeous plants, and wait a minute, here it comes again....that churning in my stomach. Ugh. I'm not eating anything, so where the heck is this liquid coming from?

Let's go back to Tues afternoon. I thought that I would be a good mom and treat the kids to burritos from Olivia's for lunch. We had a meat a potato left, and Ricky D & I shared it later that evening. 3am,  I woke to "Hey Mom, my stomach feels funny." 5 minutes after he woke me up, Ricky & the toilet became best friends. Poor baby. I changed sheets, gave him some meds, and finally got back to bed. As I'm lying there, my stomach is rumbling, popping and well, it hurt. I made my way to bathroom, and right as I got to the door out of nowhere, here comes vomit.

 I hate that word. I hate doing it. I hate it. 

Thank goodness we have 2 bathrooms. Ricky was in one, I was in another. It's so hard to take care of your child when you feel so horrible. 

I finally woke Dev up @ 7, and told him we're sick. I feared it was a bug. What the heck was I gonna do if we all went down at once? I knew it was going around. By noon, Dev & Lulu were showing no signs of getting sick, so I knew we had dodged a bullet. The only thing that tied mine & Ricky's stomach problem together....was that dadgum burrito.

So, there in that bowl that Lulu made for me, has been my life the past few days. Devin really stepped up and took care of us very well. The night I got sick, I had these plans of going to Odessa the next morning and getting some errands done. Devin did those too :) On his way home, he called me to tell me that he had a surprise for me, he promised that it would make me feel better. He picked me out a new outfit!! :) Both the top and the bottoms were the right size. My sister was with him when he picked the outfit out, and she told me that he really wanted to get me PJ's with bacon & eggs on em'. Tacky? Nah, I think those would have been pretty darn cute!

Turns out I wasn't dying, it was just food poisoning. I will NEVER EVER eat a thing from Olivia's again. It just so happens that good ole' Crane, TX has more burrito places per capita than any other place in the world, so I have options. lol

Thanks for making us better.


  1. I was just randomly going through blogs and came across yours. Your family seems so interesting. Hope you keep blogging.

  2. Her family is interesting and adorable!! I am glad you are blogging again. I came to your blog a couple of times before, but never saw updates. I don't know why, because it isn't like you are busy! ;-) I am glad you are both feeling better. Love ya!

  3. Dang, I look old fat & mean in that pic. hahaha
    Love ya, and glad your better babe

  4. Things like this only happen to you and your family. I am happy to hear ya r feeling better. Thanks for the warning about that place. Love ya and I am glad you r blogging, you know I am always looking for a good laugh!! Love ya!!!

  5. Thanks sweet you :)) I was a horrible blogger last year, I'm hoping this year I'll turn that around :)

  6. HI there, just wanted to come by and thank you for stopping over my blog and the sweet sweet comment :) You are too kind :)

    You know this post made me think of my husband and I a few weeks ago, we both ate a taco bell burrito and within two days were throwing up too LOL Never having one again.

  7. What a great Blog to read. Great for a couple of reasons. 1. You were giving us a great vision of what you were feeling. 2. It was funny! take care & I forward to following you.

    Continue to blog!

  8. Aw..... poor you! I'm so sorry. At least the whole family didn't get sick.