Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just Google It.

Gosh this past week has been different. I'm out of my comfort zone at times, and I kinda like to be in control of some stuff... ya know?

Our family is dealing with a certain issue and I'm not allowed to blog about in detail at all, and I won't. I guess since I don't have a play by play manual on this particular issue, it drags me way out of my comfort zone. I have surrendered my worries over to God. I pray. Pray some more, and more and even more. My family is being embraced by God, and I know the outcome of this, will be His will.

 I'm human though, and I'm a wee bit impatient from time to time. I like instant answers to questions, which is why I LOVE google. It gives me instant answers to sometimes meaningless questions that I often have. For those questions that I have for real life issues, I shall wait until He wants me to know the answers.

Enough of that issue. Let's move on shall we?

Lulu comes home from a basketball game complaining that her finger was hurting her real bad. Now, this child is notorious for having tons of injuries and ailments, so when we heard about this finger thing, we laughed. The way her finger looked the next morning was surprising to me. It was swollen, and it hurt her to even touch it. At that point, I was concerned. Fast forward to later that afternoon, I took her to the Dr.

I was trying to take a pic to show you just how swollen her hand is. See how her index finger was bent up? The Dr explained to us that she had to make that finger straight so that it's not permanently bent. It's a tendon issue that as of this sec, isn't resolved yet. Poor Lulu, it look pretty painful.

After being at the hospital & Dr's office for 3 office, we finally left. Hairline fracture on her index finger, severe bruise to the wrist, & a possible torn tendon. We have to wait to have an MRI to give us that answer. BTW, I did google possible signs of torn tendon in a fingers, I wasn't given clear answers. LOL

Later that night, the door bell rings, it's Alex & Marina! As they walked in we could tell something was really wrong with Alex. She had ice on her right hand, and she was upset. She got hurt at practice. Poor baby! Broke my heart to see Alex crying. She was laughing and smiling by the time she left though :))
Hope my girls get well soon. We got softball & golf season already upon us....we don't have time for injuries!!

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  1. Aw... poor girls. I hope the injuries heal well.

    And, you know I will pray with you about anything, anytime..... LOVE YOU, GIRL!