Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brr Freeze Folks!

Whew, what a busy- interesting week!

Beginning of the week Temp was 70°, it was so wonderful.

Monday evening you could smell something different in the air, and you just got the sense that something was stirring about.

Lulu and I went over to Uncle Ernie & Aunt Teresa's Tues night so that I could take their 50th Anniversary pics. (that was so sweet and fun to do!) We walked into their house and it was a lil' chilly outside. When we walked out, it was COLD. Later on that night, it rained, and it got even colder.

We awoke Wed morning to snow flurries and temp of 13 degrees. The kids were disappointed because school was not cancelled. Most of the surrounding schools did close. Icy roads, power outages, snow, rain, sleet are a recipe for disaster for West Texans. 

I did ventured out with my besties on to pick up meds for Dev in Odessa. Cynthia was NOT going to let a little snow get in our way of having girl time. Cynthia- I freakin' love you. 

I tried to snap a pic of the snow falling but you can't see em. 

As the day went on, it just kept getting colder, and snow continued to fall, but it didn't stick. The electric companies were doing rolling blackouts. Thank the Lord that we didn't have to go through that, and lots of people had frozen pipes, or pipes that burst. Again, thank GOD that didn't happen to us. What is there to do when it's cold? 

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Cook warm yummy food, stay home and cuddle up underneath the warm blankets and watch movies! I didn't get to do stay at home cuddle up stuff :( I had to go work up at the shop for a couple of days. 

My "guys" at work.


We live in West Texas, and these temps cause us to go in a Tilly! 

Read it and weep. 

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  1. We were out of sorts, too! True temps in the single digits, wind chills below zero.... school closed for 4 days. Yeah.... I'm ready for a sense of routine... and the next round of snow we are supposed to get come Wednesday. :-/