Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let's Try This Again, Shall We?

I'll admit it. 2010 was NOT my year to blog. There was countless times that I thought about blogging, but I just never did. So, I'm not going to spend anymore time beating myself up over that, this time, I'm just gonna do it. Writing, Blogging, Journaling is such a great therapy.

So, here we are. New Year. My family has grown. Kristen got married in November to a great guy. Kristen Blake Polvon. It's still a lil' weird for me to see her name change on FB. Brandon is perfect for her. My sister gave birth to my nephew, Aydan! Finally another boy in the family! We were needing one so very badly.

Stephen is slowly but surely getting back on his feet. I miss that kid. We got to see him for a couple of days back in May for Kristen's graduation. He wasn't doing so hot back then. His life has made a 180 degree turn, for the better of coarse. Even though he's so far away, I understand him, and I believe he understands the path I've walked in the past, and the hardships that I endured. Our respect for one another has grown.

Ricky Devin &  Lulu are growing up so fast. Ricky played on the JV football team in the fall. He did AMAZING! He's passed every six weeks thus far. He always seems to pull through with the grades. lol He's a freshman this school year. He tried out for One Act, and well, he was the only freshman chosen to the cast. How awesome is that? It's in his blood. Both mom and dad were quite the thespians themselves :) Lulu is a sophomore. She's so beautiful. I'm so freaking proud of this kid. She's gone through a lot, and persevered so well. She's extremely active, sports, 4h, school, and Steve. Steve Heredia, was not a kid that I wasn't real fond of a year ago. You know, the dreaded boyfriend. Steve has stuck it out, and is respectful of us and our wishes.

Photography has become more than just a hobby for me. I've had several successful paying jobs now. I've enjoyed being able to help capture a moment in time for people. How much of an honor is that? I'm so blessed.

Devin's health has improved. His feet are unbelievably better. Diabetes is under control, & blood pressure is stable :) He's a mess, but he's my mess. This past year, we've grown closer than we have ever been before. This May we will mark our 20th year together. Now that we are down to having only 2 kids in the house, our time alone together had increased quite a bit. We go on "mini-dates" and we socialize a lot with our friends.

I'm going to try my hardest to blog as often as I can, and when I do, I want to add a photo of some sort.

BTW, some of the things I will blog about, I PROMISE- there is no way in the world that you can make that kind of stuff up.



  1. I love you Mona! I love the disclaimer you put at the bottom. We really need our own reality show. I just know we'll make some network alot of money! We're a bunch of troopers, and honestly we couldn't get by without each other.

    You're right; blogging, writing, journaling is an excellent therapeutic tool. Gets everything that on your mind someplace else.

    I love you so much! And I look forward to reading more!

  2. Awesome.....

    Isn't blogging fun? It's easy to tick people off, but if they are your true friends, they know your heart. If not? Well, that's OK, too!

  3. Loved this! Your family has been through so much, yet you all walk with those head up high.