Monday, August 22, 2011

Goodbye Summer

I remember when all of my kids were still in grade school, and as summer was coming to an end, a new school year was coming up- I was excited to send them off! If only I had a quarter for every time one them would utter the words of "I'm bored."

Now that Summer of '11 is done, I don't want my kids to go back to school. I really did enjoy them. We were able to enjoy many nights of staying up late, sleeping in, no schedules to follow and just sitting back & relaxing. I'm so guilty of being so high strung and a worry wort, and finding ways to NOT be that way is a lil' hard. Much to my surprise, my kids who were one of my biggest stresses, now are my calmness. Who would have thought??

I actually get a little panicked at the thought of having no kids at home. Stephen's been gone from the nest for several years now. Kristen Blake has been gone from home for over a year now. She's now a married woman, and Brandon sure does make her happy. I actually love when they come to see us on the weekends :) Lulu will be a Jr this year. She has big plans of going to A&M when she graduates, and I know she'll follow through. Since he was 5yrs old, Ricky Devin, has wanted to be a Marine. There's no talking him out of it, so that day will soon come. This year he's a sophomore.

I have NO CHOICE but to let them grow up & leave the nest, in hopes that they keep coming back to see mama.

Lulu & Ricky D.. I send you many blessings on your new school year. I love you!!!

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