Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Use Your Words & Not Your Hands

Gosh, being a teenager is so much different than it was back in my day. Girls are meaner, boys are more tackier & rude. Jealousy swirls all around, and unless you've really talked to your kids, and prepared them for this behavior from others, they won't stand a chance.

I was told at lunch today, that there was a rumor going around school that my Lulu was pregnant. Hmm. I got details, who said what, when where etc. I'm guilty of being that over protective mom. Don't mess with my kids or else. I stewed for a minute about what to say, or even if I should say anything at all. Now, not for one single second did I believe it. Lulu, Steve (Lulu's BF) & Ricky were here at lunch time, so I calmly mentioned to the kids what I was just told. Of coarse they were angry & mortified. 

Kelsey Kole got the nickname "Lulu" when she was a baby. My mom said she reminded her of Lulu from HeeHaw. It's stuck for 17yrs. She LOVES the name, and would much rather be called Lulu than Kelsey.

Lulu-2yrs, Devin, Kristen Blake-4
I would venture to guess that Lulu is about 10-15lbs shy of what she used to way in the 5th grade. It seemed like overnight, she got taller, lost alot of baby fat & turned into this beautiful young lady that we see today.

She teared up today, I hugged her, held her and looked her right in the eyes, and told her she is in total control of this situation. I've always encouraged my kids to use their words & not their hands to solve problems. Today, I'm more than happy to report that she used that advice. She waited for the right moment, and went up to this person, and confronted her. The girl did admit to saying that it seemed as though Lulu had gained weight and looked "chubbier." I wish that I could have been a fly on the wall for this, but I was told by one of her friends that was there while she was "hashing it out." that Lulu was poised, very direct, and did not cry or tear up. I couldn't be prouder. 

She had a volleyball game tonight, so I was wasn't able to really talk to her until we got home. She hit the high points of the talk she had with this gal. She was still really discouraged about someone saying that about her, and it broke my heart to hear her say that no matter how much she works out, or eats right, that her tummy still has baby fat. I personally think that tummy is cute. When she was a baby, she used to walk right up to her daddy lift up her shirt and ask him to rub it. *sigh* I miss those days :) Unfortunely in today's society, "pooches" in the stomach area are not acceptable. No matter how much I told her she was beautiful, and how far from overweight she was, she was hurt. Like this kid doesn't have enough to worry about with school, sports and now dumb rumors. I have NO DOUBT in mind that this too will pass, she's tough- and I have so much respect & admiration for her because of things she's had to overcome in this past year. I told her tonight that she has an invisible force field around her, (God), that will make sure she's intact & safe. 

I maybe biased, but I think our Lulu is beautiful.

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